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PCSing Families

Eligibility Guidelines

DoDEA, in alignment with the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, is committed to easing the challenges of military families moving between duty stations. For families transitioning to a new duty station and enrolling in DoDEA schools for the first time, there is now a provision, allowing a 30-calendar day grace period for parents/students to meet immunization requirements after school enrollment. The intent of this provision is to avoid any interruption in the transferring student’s education. The health and the welfare of all students is a top priority for DoDEA. The Department of Defense sets immunization requirements for DoDEA schools based on recommendations from the Center of Disease Control. Compliance with immunization requirements greatly reduces the risk of public health issues. School nurses and local military medical treatment facilities stand ready to assist parents in meeting these requirements promptly.

Students will be enrolled in the SC DDESS District under the provisions of Department of Defense Instruction Number 1342.26, "Eligibility Requirements for Minor Dependents to Attend Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools." Upon enrolling a student in grades PK – 6 in the South Carolina DDESS District, the following documents are required:

Medical Requirements for DoD School Enrollment







Registration Forms

  • Birth Certificate* - Original certificate is required for enrolling a student in PK, K, or grade 1. Student must be 4 for PK, 5 for K, or 6 for grade 1, on or before September 1. For grades 2 – 6, the original certificate is preferred, although a copy will suffice.
  • Social Security Card* – the actual card is preferred, but the number may be accepted. Note: parents may refuse this information. If so, they must complete DoDEA Form 600B, and a Unique Student Identification Number must be assigned, according to instructions provided by DoDEA headquarters in memorandum dated July 20, 1999.
  • South Carolina Certificate of Immunization – If all immunizations are not up to date, parents may be issued a 30-day grace period to obtain the immunizations for their children.
  • Sponsor’s Military ID Card or Dependent Parent’s Military ID Card
  • Proof of residence in government housing – Sponsors receive a housing assignment document/voucher from Family Housing. If the sponsor has not yet been assigned quarters, the child can be enrolled if the sponsor presents a letter from Family Housing stating that quarters will be assigned within 90 school days after the sponsor reports to the new duty station.


       We recommend that items on this  checklist be completed before a military member  with school aged children begins the PCS.

___ Copy of withdrawal grades with grading system

___ Copy of IEP (Individualized Educational Plan) (if appropriate)

___ Copy of test scores (if applicable)

___ Student portfolio (if available) 

___Set of the sponsor's orders indicating the command sponsorship of the student

Parents: It is very important that you enroll your student in school as soon as possible. If you are visiting relatives, enroll them during the duration of your visit.





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