• Bolden Elementary/Middle School
  • Home of the Mighty Eagles
  • South Carolina/Ft. Stewart District
  • Mailing Address
  • Bolden Elementary/Middle School
  • 2 Albacore Street
  • Beaufort, SC 29906
  • Principal: Mrs. Vicky Parr
  • Phone: (843) 846-6112
  • Fax: (843) 846-9283



Severe Weather




Please call 1-800-343-0639  Option #4 for school delays or closings.


On days when there is lightning and/or it is raining heavily at the end of the school day, the schools will hold all bike riders and walkers up to one-half hour, or until the storm ceases. Please make it clear to your child if you intend to pick him/her up in case of severe weather. It is important for parents to make prior arrangements with your child about rainy day transportation. At each school, a form is sent home at the beginning of the year or upon enrollment. Every parent should provide instructions for rainy days on the form provided. When your child comes to school, they should know what to do when school is dismissed.
We will not be able to give children permission to use the telephone. We can allow children to make phone calls of an emergency nature only. If you vary from the procedure established with the teacher for your child's rainy day instructions please send a note.

If not, we will adhere to the initial directions you provided on the form at the beginning of the school year.



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