• Welcome to Antilles Middle School
  • "The Critical Thinking School"
  • Proud member of DDESS Puerto Rico School Community
  • Mailing Address
  • Antilles Middle School
  • 1081 Chrisman Road
  • Fort Buchanan, PR 00934-4533
  • Principal:
  • Dr. Andrea McClain
  • Assistant Principal:
  • Jeffery Herron
  • Phone: (787) 707-2461
  • Fax: (787) 707-2429

School Rules and Regulations


In-School Suspension

As an alternative to out-of-school suspension a student may be assigned to In-school suspension as a recommended disciplinary action by the Assistant Principal or Principal. The purpose of this suspension is to improve student behavior through the use of a structured environment while guaranteeing academic continuity.

  1. Students who have been assigned to the ISS program must report to their homerooms first and then to the office.
  2. Students will not be allowed to attend their regularly scheduled classes. They will complete their assignments in the suspension room, and eat their lunch there.
  3. If a student refuses ISS, he/she will receive an out-of-school suspension for the immediate insubordination.
  4. If a student is uncooperative during ISS, he/she can be extended in ISS (one day) by the Assistant Principal or Principal. If negative behavior continues, out-of-school suspension will be assigned.

All eligibility rules associated with out-of-school suspensions apply.

Out-of-School Suspension

The Assistant Principal or principal may suspend a student from school for offenses indicated in the Student Behavior Policy. These offenses are usually of a very serious nature and require an official letter to be sent home to the parents with a copy to the Superintendent. Refer to the Behavior Policy for specifics.