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Culinary Arts


Cheese Tasting Workshop

During the lesson a list and picture of cheeses was given to each students were they were able to identify them and their uses.

Students were instructed to research about cheeses and prepare a Power Point presentation about the history, uses, texture,

and flavor. A workshop and Power Point presentation about cheeses was presented to the Culinary Arts class. Students were

able to taste and analyze various types of cheeses according to their category, taste, flavor, texture, and uses. To clean their palate

crackers, water, and juice was available. See Summarizing graphic organizer for more details.

Cocoa Beans

Cpcoa PodHow many people know what a chocolate looked like before it was made into their favorite chocolate bar

or their hot cocoa? The Culinary Arts students were able to cut through a cocoa pod and cocoa beans

were revealed, the beans were surrounded by a thick gooey pulp which the South Americans call 'baba de cacao'.

They removed the beans from the pod and tasted the bean, which has a bitter and disgusting

taste. See Culinary Arts II Power Point presentation about the history and production of the chocolate.







First Semester Activities

Gingerbread Houses  



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