Welcome 2nd Graders standards


You are here to learn as much as you can about the body system that you have been assigned. As you research and take notes on your subject, look for important and interesting facts that you think the other people in your class should learn.


You are going to use the information that you collect to illustrate the system on your life-size drawing and be able to include information on your tracing as to how the system works and why it is important to lifelong wellness.


Use the following links to learn about your body system. Some of the links cover more than one system, so you will have to find the information for your notes. Some of the links are video segments. You will need to watch them and then write the notes you think are important.


Circulatory System

Speedy Delivery contains links to other circulatory sites

All About the Heart

Discovery Kids, Cardiovascular System -


Skeletal System

Brain Pop Jr. - Bones be sure to look at the activities as well as the movie

The Bare Bones contains links to other bone sites

The Big Story on Bones

Discovery Kids, Skeletal System -


Muscular System

Your Multi-Talented Muscles

Discovery Kids, Muscular System -


Digestive System

The Real Deal on the Digestive System -

Discovery Kids, Digestive System


Nervous System

The Brain is the Boss

Discovery Kids, The Brain -


Repiratory System

Brain Pop - Respiration be sure to look at the activities as well as the movie

Respiratory System

Discovery Kids, Respiratory System -

BrainPopJr - Bodies - login required


General Information

You Have to Have a System overall information on organ systems with links to circulatory and respiratory systems

Inner Body use the table of contents on the left side of the page to see diagrams and animations of your system

Biology4kids Good information and links for each system

KidInfo a list of sites related to the organ systems of the body

United Streaming Videos

Amazing Body Facts

The Digestive System

The Musculoskeletal System

The Nervous System

The Respiratory System

Tissues, Organs, and Organ Systems

The Heart

Blood Vessels


Magic School Bus for Lunch

What Happens to the Food We Eat?

Digestion Begins in the Mouth

Riding the Esophagus Waves

Journey to the Small Intestine

Descent Into the Colon

Evacuation Process

Going Up, Anyone?

More Facts About Digestion