DODEA English Language Arts Standards

Grade 1


  • Uses knowledge of sounds and letters to decode new words
  • Recognizes high frequency words with accuracy
  • Uses a variety of strategies to decode unknown words
  • Reads text through Level I with increasing accuracy
  • Demonstrates comprehension
  • Reads four or more books daily
  • Listens to and discusses at least one book daily


  • Writes and revises daily
  • Uses knowledge of letter sounds to write phonetically
  • Writes for different audiences and purposes
  • Writes a simple response to literature
  • Embeds the language of literature in writing
  • Spells correctly a large proportion of high frequency words
  • Begins to approximate use of writing conventions

Speaking and Listening

  • Talks daily with peers resulting in lengthier exchanges
  • Experiments and plays with language daily
  • Speaks and listens in different genres
  • Uses talk to express ideas and relate to others
  • Asks questions for clarification
  • Attends to a performance
  • Build vocabulary from being read to daily





DODEA Mathematics Standards

Grade 1

Number and Operations

  • Understands numbers and number systems
  • Understands meaning and relationships of operations
  • Compares fluently and makes estimates


  Understands patterns, relations, and functions

  Analyzes mathematical situations and structures



  • Analyzes tow-and three dimensional geometric shapes
  • Describes spatial relationships using geometry
  • Uses geometric modeling to solve problems


  • Understands measurement attributes/processes
  • Applies appropriate measurement techniques


Data Analysis and Probability

  • Collects, organizes, and displays relevant data
  • Evaluates inferences/predications based on data
  • Applies basic concepts of probability


Essential to Know:

  • Understands concept of place value
  • Decomposes/composes whole numbers
  • Understands meaning of addition/subtraction w/ whole numbers
  • Recognizes/extends/creates patterns
  • Knows attributes/parts of two-three-dimensional shapes
  • Uses standard units of measurement
  • Collects and analyzes data


DODEA Science Standards

Grade 1

Scientific Inquiry

  Asks questions about things and relationships

  Plans/conducts simple explorations using simple tools

  Communicates scientific knowledge

History and Nature of Science

  • Demonstrates curiosity/works alone or on a team
  • Recognizes contributions of all people to science/technology

Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

  • Demonstrates personal and group safety
  • Identifies and conserves resources in environment


Science and Technology

  • Explains how tools and technology help people
  • Uses tools to test their own product/design

Physical Science

  • Recognizes that materials exist in different states
  • Shows how pushing and pulling changes movement of objects
  • Explores light, heat, and magnetism


Life Science

  • Describes characteristics and life cycles of organisms
  • Identifies physical characteristics an organism needs to adapt

Earth and Space Science

  • Compares properties of rocks, soil, and water
  • Describes factors that contribute to weather and its changes
  • Compares changes in the earth and sky




DODEA Social Studies Standards

Grade 1



  • Recognizes symbols and leaders of the United States
  • Practices good citizenship


  • Recognizes family structures and roles of family members
  • Compares various types of shelter, food and clothing

Time, Continuity and Change

  • Traces family information over time
  • Compares the seasons of the year

Space and Place

  • Uses a map to locate and describe familiar places
  • Distinguishes between land and water masses on a globe

Individual Development and Identity

  • Describes how a community depends upon its helpers
  • Relates experiences about trips to places in the community

Production, Distribution and Consumption

  • Discusses the importance of sharing resources
  • Distinguishes between wants and needs

Power, Authority and Government

  • Justifies the need for rules and appropriate behavior
  • Explains how voting is a way to make a decision

Science, Technology and Society

  • Recycles, reduces, reuses
  • Describes physical environmental influences on a family's well being

Global Connections

  • Develops and uses communication skills
  • Defines social concepts in a global society