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Upcoming Events

Nov 7 Fall Festival
Nov 12 Flu Immunizations
Nov 20 Parents invited to Thanksgiving lunch (see schedule on this page)
Nov 26-28 Thanksgiving holiday (NO SCHOOL)

Our Mission

"Educate, Engage, and Empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world."

Our Vision

"Empowering Learners for Lifelong Success"

DoDEA's Mission and Vision

Our Goals

Goal 1: Students will improve written communication skills across the curriculum.

Goal 2: Students will improve problem solving skills across the curriculum.

November 20th lunch schedule

lunch schedule



Flu Immunization Consent Form

Vaccine Information Sheet


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EVERYONE who is connected to Andre Lucas Elementary School is considered a Stakeholder. You have a voice, and we'd like to hear it! Parents, service members, students, teachers and support personnel are important to us and what you think matters.

Please offer us your suggestions on anything you see on our website, or at the school. Ask questions, be involved. We'd love to listen!

Please email the principal Ted Turnipseed or call with your feedback!

News from DoDEA Director Tom Brady

DoDEA Community Strategic Plan (CSP) Volume II

This volume focuses our school system on two strategic imperatives essential for improving the academic achievement of our students. It provides the concept for our #1 priority - the establishment of a standards-based educational system that aligns our curriculum, instruction,
and assessments to our new, more rigorous academic standards; and our 2nd priority - the establishment of the organizational capacity required to operate more effectively/efficiently and grow into one of our nation's best unified school systems.  I believe our success in achieving the desired end state for each priority initiative hinges on three factors:  1) our steadfast, long-term commitment to the implementation process; 2) our ability to implement the plans in a collegial, collaborative manner; and 3) the ability of our leaders to maintain the organization's focus and block distractions.  I have every confidence we will do so. 



Principal's Message:

Hello All,
Can you believe we have completed the first quarter of school with fall break behind us? Because this has been a time of conferencing and conversations with teachers about student progress, I thought I would take this opportunity to clarify some language and answer some questions about curriculum standards:

• What are curriculum standards?
Curriculum standards outline the content that will be taught in each curricular area. They are the standard accepted expectations of skills that students should master in each curriculum area. For example, a second grade standard in the area of Mathematics as Problem Solving reads, “Students should be engaged in problem solving activities so that they are able to write number sentences to solve realistic problems.” Another example would be a fifth grade standard in the area of Reading which reads, “Students explain the author’s choice of words and form generalizations. Students will increase vocabulary through interactions with media and technological resources.”

• Who develops these standards?
DoDEA has developed rigorous and demanding curriculum standards based on input from national organizations, teachers, curriculum specialists and other constituents. DoDEA curriculum standards are based on the content standards produced by organizations such as: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, The National Council of Teachers of English, The International Reading Association, The National Research Council’s National Science Standards, and by the National Council of Teachers of Social Studies.

• What does “standards-based” mean?
This means that ALL of our content, assessment, and instructional decisions are made based on the DoDEA curriculum standards.

• Where can I find the curriculum standards?
Curriculum standards can be found on the DoDEA website at this address:

• Is DoDEA using the Common Core curriculum standards?
Not at this time.

• What can parents do to help?
Parents should become familiar with the curriculum standards as well as the school’s
mission statements and goal. Communicate with your child’s teacher(s) and reinforce these both at school and at home. During discussions with the teacher(s), ask them how your child is progressing according to the standards. Older children should be able to tell you which standards they are working on in school and how their work relates to the standards. More importantly, if you have a question, ask us here at school. We are here to give you answers. Personally, I would love it if parents took an active part in our school improvement efforts. Parents are invited to attend our Tuesday staff developments to see just what it is we educators are doing with that time and what you can do to add the parent perspective. Our School Improvement Team is ALWAYS looking for parents to be a member of the team. We ARE partners in educating your child. Give me a call or speak with your child’s teacher if you are interested in attending! You may also reach me via the principal’s mailbox on our school website.
“Don’t be a stranger.”
Ted Turnipseed, Principal

Continuous School Improvement

School improvement is a constant focus at Andre' Lucas Elementary. Each month we will include information from the School Improvement Team also known as the CSI Team. This month would like to remind everyone of our mission, vision, and goals. All stakeholders are valuable members to the school improvement process. We value your opinions and looking forward to collaboration among all stakeholders. If you have questions concerning the school improvement process, please contact the CSI Chair, Mr.Turnipseed, or Mrs. Ennis.

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