Fort Knox Community Schools

Board of Education

The board is elected by and represents the parents and guardians of students enrolled in the Fort Knox schools.

The five-member board advises the superintendent on matters ranging from curricular to extra-curricular and from policies to programs. 

Regular board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of most months during the school year, starting at 1:30 p.m.

No regular board meetings are held in December, June and July.

Board meetings are open to the community, and public participation is encouraged.


Five candidates applied to fill three vacancies on the five member board.

The election was held Aug. 20 and 21, from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. both days in Fort Knox High School.

The electorate for each school board seat was composed of parents or legal guardians of students enrolled in the school system who officially reside on post. Each member of the electorate had one vote. 

The election was by secret ballot. All votes were cast in person at the time and place of the election. 

Votes cast in the election were counted and candidates notified of the outcome Aug. 24. Election results also are published in The Gold Standard, the post newspaper, on page A6.

The three candidates receiving the greatest number of votes were elected as school board members, representing all parents and guardians of students enrolled in Fort Knox schools. The term of office on the board shall be two years.

To contact the board members via e-mail, click here.

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The Fort Knox Community Schools Board of Education is pleased to participate in this open forum to increase government transparency, promote public participation, and encourage collaboration.

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This page was updated: August 27, 2015