Fort Knox Community Schools

Board of Education

The school board is elected by and represents the parents and legal guardians of students enrolled in the Fort Knox Community Schools.

The board advises the superintendent on matters ranging from curricular to extra-curricular and from policies to programs. 

Board meetings will be scheduled during most months of the academic year.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for Feb. 18 at 1:30 p.m. in Fort Knox High School.


The proposed agenda items are the following:


1. School Year 2016-2017 calendar discussion and, particularly, how the calendar will affect both curricular and extracurricular activities;

2. Kingsolver School construction and transition next mid-year.  Will the move from Van Voorhis Elementary School occur by grade or by school?

3. Follow up on dual enrollment policy implementation;

4. Dress code enforcement issues.  How are parents notified?

5. Necessity of holding Special Election to replace school board member.

School board meetings are open to the community, and public participation is encouraged.


Fort Knox High School is located in Building 7501, 266 Maine Street.


The meeting will be videotaped and then telecast at 12:30 p.m. daily Feb. 22 - 26 on the Fort Knox Access Channel (Time Warner Cable - channel number 12-97 or 12.4). 


To contact the school board members via e-mail, click here.

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The Fort Knox Community Schools Board of Education is pleased to participate in this open forum to increase government transparency, promote public participation, and encourage collaboration.

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This page was updated: February 8, 2016