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Our Adopted Units

Image of Berkeley Manor Elementary's Adopted Unit

"The President of the United States, the Secretary of Defense, and the Commandant of the Marine Corps have established and supported programs designed to make our schools better through the involvement of teachers, parents, and the community in the educational process. America Goes Back to School is a nation-wide program sponsored by the Department of Education, while the School Home Partnership is aimed specifically at the Department of Defense Education Activity schools on our bases.

Our children represent the future of our country, and their education is a matter of the greatest concern in a free society. It is not enough that we simply provide schools and hire teachers. Educating our youth is a community responsibility that requires the involvement not only of the schools, but of parents and other community members as well, if it is to be successful. The programs that have been established are not prescriptive, but encourage the cooperative development of goals and methods within individual schools. That cooperative development requires the active participation of all our Marines, Sailors, and family members. Our Camp Lejeune community overlaps with the local civilian community and as responsible citizens, we must be involved with both our on-base and off-base schools.

In that spirit of community involvement, it is the policy of all commands in the Camp Lejeune area to fully support both America Goes Back to School, and the School Home Partnership. Specifically, leaders are authorized and encouraged to make reasonable time available to Marines and Sailors participating in this partnership. Unit commanders are encouraged to seek opportunities to bring the unique resources of their commands to bear on the challenges facing our schools. We must all seek ways to be part of the solution."

The above was signed by the Commanding General of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base, the Commanding General of II Marine Expeditionary Force, the Commanding General of 2d Marine Division, the Commanding General of 2d Force Service Support Group, and the Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Air Station New River.

Our Marines and Sailors spend a great deal of time in
the classrooms and both the students and the
military benefit greatly by our
America Going Back to School!


Lejeune High School was adopted by 1/10, 2d Marine Division; Naval Hospital (Sports Med Clinic), MARSOC.
Brewster Middle School was adopted by
2d Tank Battalion, 2d Marine Division.
Bitz Intermediate School was adopted by 2d AA Battalion.
Delalio Elementary School was adopted by HMT-302, MCAS New River.
Johnson Primary School was adopted by the School of Infantry; Wounded Warriors.
Tarawa Terrace I Primary School was adopted by 2d Supply Battalion, 2d FSSG.
Tarawa Terrace II Elementary School was adopted by Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital; Marine Corps Combat Service Support Schools (MCCSSS).



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