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"Read to Succeed"


Read 180


For those of you who are new students joining us, I am excited to introduce you to our program. Our goal in READ 180/Reading Lab is to help students improve their reading skills, which will also help students improve in other subject areas as well. Read 180 includes several types of instruction which enable us to focus on individual reading deficiencies and needs.  These include whole group instruction, small group instruction, instructional reading software, and independent reading.  We will also focus on several learning and reading strategies to help students be successful.


Homework is only assigned in Read 180 to reinforce the lesson taught that day in class and it is not assigned everyday.  However, students will be required to read every night, including weekends. They will log their progress on their reading log and this will be part of their grade. 

Reading Counts

The reading will be in conjunction with books assigned by their Language Arts teacher, so students should not be overwhelmed. In fact, they can count the reading for both classes, as long as they have permission from the Language Arts teacher.  However, it is imperative that students read for at least 30 minutes each night.  When a book is completed, students will take a Reading Counts quiz for a grade

What do we do in Read 180?

Read 180 Curriculum Standards

Our Objectives

This Year in Read 180


Successful people use good strategies....


 Success Strategies

What does my SRI score mean?

Lexile Chart

How are grades calculated?

Read 180 Grading

Do you have a test coming up?


Review your Testing Strategies Here

Frustrated? Want to make better grades? Need Help? 

Study Your Vocabulary!

No Vocabulary Quiz


Check out our Audio book selection when you have passed at least four quizzes.



Week of

Reading Lab





Great Job on the

End of Year SRI Test!


Way to Go!


Have a Great Summer!



Summer Reading Tips

Reading Log

8 Step Paragraph

LITO Practice Quiz

Making a Foldable - Directions


Cornell Notes Form

Cornell Notes - Directions

Analyze Characters

How do we do that?

Classroom Routines


Quote of the Month



June Quote

"I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June."
- L. M. Montgomery


Let's Work Together

Call for a conference:




June Calendar


 Tips of the Week

  • If you are reading non-fiction text, make sure you are reading for details.  Many test questions will come from these details.
  • Don't let a missing reading log bring down your grade.  Keep track of your reading at home and at school.
  • Use the Reading Strategies we are learning as you do your homework for other classes.
  • Don't procrastinate!  Remember you have to have completed at least seven (7) quizzes by the end of the quarter.  Anything over seven means more prizes for you!


Every student should be reading 20-30 minutes each night and filling out their log twice a day.  Once in class and once at home.

Go Team!!! 


Our Goal is for every student to pass at least seven Reading Counts Quizzes each quarter.


Missing Books


Please keep track of all books you have checked out from me. If you can't find one, start looking at home, in your locker and in your other classrooms for missing books.

Supply List


SY 2014-2015


1pack of loose leaf, lined paper

1 pack of pencils (Any Design)

2 - 2 pocket folders with or without brads, 3 holed punched (Any Design)

1 box tissues

1 pad of 3x3 Post it Notes (Any Color)

1-2 Highlighters (Any Color)

All Donated Supplies are Greatly Appreciated






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