U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS)

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Assistant Principal : Monica M. J. Harvey



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Some Useful Web Sites

The following sites are ones that the students use in school. Students are given passwords by their teachers and their progress is monitored by the teachers. Students may work on these at home.

Spelling City

Some of our teachers use spelling city with their classes. We are very fortunate that PTO helped aquire this for us.


Many of our younger grades use Raz-Kids to support reading at home. Please have your children listen to the stories and then read them to you. This is an excellent strategy to help develop our young readers. Many thanks to PTO for their support!


Our newest curriculum adoptions have supporting web sites that include activities that support the curriculum in the classroom. Students are given logins and passwords from their teachers

IXL math

IXL is a Web-based, mathematical resource that gives students the opportunity to practice previously taught skills, concepts, and strategies in a stimulating, motivating, and exciting environment. Students practice their math skills and earn gold medals for each skill mastered. Students are given in logins and passwords from their teachers. This link allows students to log on to our login site, if you access IXL with just the standard login, students will need to add @heroes to their login name.

Hour of Code

'The Hour of Code is a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics. Coding is telling the computer what to do. It is a skill that is higly sought after in many jobs and large corporations like Google and Microsoft are constantly looking for Coders. Many students really enjoy coding and are solving problems as they do so.  Check out the tutorials, and look out for new ones coming for the Hour of Code 2014. Visit them online for more information. You may also go on line and have your students continue at home. Here is the site for them to sign up if they wish the organization to keep track of their progress. Please feel free to use your students standard school name to ensure privacy. Of course you are also free to use their name if you wish to.



This is an online research tool for schools and libraries. Teachers can supply the log in names and the password.


An online assitance for students, specifically for children of our military.

Science Resources on line-

NASA - maintains a fantastic site for students with activities and informaiton that is easy to understand for school age children.

Animal Planet- lots of information for students about animals and the planet we all share.

National Geographic for Kids - an in depth look at our world and the animals that share it.

Other Interesting sites we have found and would like to share!

Starfall - This site is for learning to read and has many fun activities. An excellent way to learn your letters and their sounds!

Game Goo - this highly interactive and fun site is designed for the earlier grades K-2. There are clearly visible levels and it is easy to monitor your child's progress on each of the different games.

Spelling Battleship- the battleship game where you have to spell words correctly to sink a battle ship.

Fun School- a variety of learning games and activities including "Hyper Spider Typer"

PBS kids - a variety of games and activites for students.



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