Our Partnerships with Schools of Higher Learning


Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools maintains an ongoing partnership with the University of San Diego, Coastal Carolina Community College, and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in several different capacities. Our partnerships benefit everyone involved in many ways. Take a look at how these partnerships touch so many lives in so many settings.

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The University of San Diego (USD)

In conjunction with the University of San Diego (USD), Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools develops graduate level study courses that may be held on site for CLDS employees, taught by our very own teachers. These offerings provide graduate credit to interested professional staff when completing the entire course. The classes take place mostly throughout the school year but are typically also offered in the "Summer Institute" that is held immediately before our teaching staff returns in July. Some of the study courses include technology offerings, courses on literacy, instruction, and the unique learner.

You can find more information on the University of San Diego's website.

For our teachers: To register for an offered study course at CLDS, please visit the registration page of the USD website and follow your instructor's direction on registration.


Coastal Carolina Community College (CCCC)

Camp Lejeune Dependents Schools has developed an affiliation with Coastal Carolina Community College in an effort to engage high school students with college level courses. These courses may be offered in areas of work force development (i.e., mechanical, appliance repair, vocational, etc.) or academic advanced placement. Our goal is to engage as many high school students as possible in this project. Although many aspects of this partnership are still in the planning and strengthening phase, approximately 20% of our current high school seniors are enrolled in a course at CCCC!

In addition, CLDS offers the use of one of our school facilities, Tarawa Terrace I Primary School, to CCCC as a meeting place for their Basic Skills Program.


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The University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW)

Six of our schools are Professional Development System (PDS) Schools with the University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW). These schools are: Lejeune High School, Brewster Middle School, Johnson Primary, Delalio Elementary, Tarawa Terrace II Elementary, and Bitz IS . PDS is a system of relationships among the Watson School of Education and over 95 public schools. PDS improves the quality of teacher and administrator preparation and performance through rigorous entry and program standards and an array of application experiences, including site-based seminars, a coaching and supervision model that involves pairing interns with trained partnership teachers and principals, and classroom and school-level research.

As a PDS School, our PDS teachers and administrators agree to:

· -Accept intern cohorts
· -Participate in PDS training
· -Conduct instructional site seminars
· -Develop action renewal plans that focus on learning
· -Support continuous renewal for educators.

Please visit UNCW's PDS webpage for more detailed information on our ongoing and successful partnership.

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