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      What's Happening in Mrs. AH's Class

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2nd Grade STEAM Page

Welcome to Second Grade


Learning for the future

Everyone, Every Way , Every Day!

 Week of May 19, 2014

Friday is a teacher workday/student holiday!!

Please read with your child each night and sign their reading log that is stapled in their school folder. THANKS!

Literacy story: Jingle Dancer

Reading key: review

Amazing words for the week: review

****Book Talk = Better Comprehension

  • main idea/details
  • summarize      
  • character
  • setting
  • sequence
  • plot & theme
  • compare/contrast
  • problem/solution
  • cause/effect

We will practice all of these reading skills in our small guided reading groups and in literacy workshops. You can practice at home by having your child retell the stories he/she reads.


**Writing School Improvement Goal- ALL students will improve written communication across the curriculum.

Writing:   USA (understand, support with complete sentences, analyze)

* We are learning about paragraph writing. We will be able to write a good "handful" paragraph by the end of second grade.. That is 5 sentences: topic sentence, 3 details, closing sentence!

We also have learned that using "SPARKLE" words in our writing makes it much better. We have been and will continue to practice these skills each day.

* We have practiced using good sentences, that make sense!

* We have been learning how to use order words to organize our writing.

**We are focusing on organizing a paragraph!!!!!!!!!!! We always do a COPS check:


O-organization(does it make sense?)



We have been working on writing "super sentences". They are longer sentences that use specific words to tell how many, what kind, which one, where, and when.

Good websites:





Student Web Pages:

Students used WebBlender to create web pages with information about an endangered animal.

Endangered Duck

Endangered Panda

Bald Eagle

Beluga Whale


Giant Clam 1

Giant Clam 2

Golden Poison Dart Frog


Pink Dolphin

Short Beak Echidra






We will have a test with 30 wall words this week!


We have 10 spelling words (from our phonics lessons) each week on our Friday spelling test. Please take a few minutes each night to review and practice these words however you like. They will be written in your child's planner on Mondays. Beginning this quarter, we will have an extra 10 wall words that we've already had for review, added to our spelling test on Friday.

Our bonus word is usually a city and a state. This teaches map skills, as well as capitals and punctuation.


Great website to study spelling words!



  • subjects & predicates
  • nouns & proper nouns, & plural nouns, pronouns
  • contractions
  • verbs (past, present, future)
  • linking verbs
  • adjectives
  • adverbs
  • suffixes, prefixes
  • quotations



**Math School Improvement Goal- ALL students will improve their reasoning and proof skills.


I sent home your child's log in info for IXL.  This is a great site for math practice and review. If you are having trouble getting on, let me know!!!!


  • fast facts daily at school
  • review of numbers, patterns, and routines
  • addition and subtraction strategies
  • place value
  • time- in 5 minute intervals, elapsed time
  • double digit addition and subtraction WITH & WITHOUT regrouping
  • geometry (shapes, flips, slides, turns, symmetry)
  • measurement with standard units
  • fractions
  • multiplication & division

Please initial all math homework that comes home so I know you have seen it.

Good math sites:







  • Check out the STEM page at the top for pics and video of our engineering and science projects!



Favorite Web Sites:









  • Please check planners daily! This is a very important communication tool for us! Sign the planner each night. You are welcome to write notes in the planner too. I check it every day. :)
  • Send a snack daily!
  • Read with your child each night AND please sign the reading log!!!
  • Encourage respect and responsibility!



Our Field Trip to Landmark Park




Class Rules

  1. Respect yourself and others.
  2. Follow directions and procedures.
  3. Be prepared and responsible.
  4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  5. Listen when someone speaks.

Daily Schedule

  • 7:30 Arrival , Morning Work
  • 8:05 Check Morning Work,Morning Meeting, Literacy groups and workshops
  • 9:45 Specials  
  • 10:45 Finish Literacy
  • 11:00 Lunch
  • 11:30 writing
  • 12:00 math
  • 1:00 Unit (science, social studies, STEM)
  • 2:00 DEAR time, pack up
  • 2:20 Afternoon Meeting
  • 2:25 dismissal

Enrichment & PE Schedule

  • Monday-art/pe
  • Tuesday-spanish
  • Wednesday-music/pe
  • Thursday- art/pe
  • Friday-music/pe


 Math Lab- Tuesday-1:15

 Library-Thursday- 1:20

Computer lab-Friday- 11:30-12:20

 Guidance-2nd Monday of month-11:30

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