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What's Happening in Room 321 Mrs. L.H.'s Class

Here you will find a short overview of our plans for the week. For specific questions or concerns, please send me an email.

October 20-24, 2014

Reading Rotation Class (Note this is not my homeroom)

I will spend two weeks on each story to include spelling words, skills, and comprehension strategies. We are in week two of our story, so this week's spelling homework is the contract.  Students are able to select the activities they would like to complete to equal 100 points. It is due on Friday.

Our story this week is Penguin Chick.

A mother and father emperor pengin have only one baby a year.  In Antarctica, there is nothing with which to build a nest, so the father must keep the egg warm.  The mother goes in search of food.  The baby hatches shortly before the mother returns.  She feeds the baby and cares for him while the father goes to eat and bring back food. The mother and father continue to take turns caring for and feeding the chick until the baby penguin is ol enough to go hunt for food on its own.

Genre: expository non-fiction- A story that teaches true information

Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues

Comprehension Skill: Main Idea


Read for twenty minutes each evening

Week One: Homework spelling sheets

Week Two: Spelling Contract- This is our second week with this story, so homework is the contract.


(ELA standards: Accuracy and Fluency 3E1a.4: Read aloud independently from guided reading level P books that they have previewed silently on their own, using intonation, pauses and emphasis that
signal the meaning of the text.)

Reading Groups:Students will read the leveled readers associated with our weekly story.

In reading groups, we are using graphic organizers to aid our reading comprehension as we focus on fluency, summarizing, predicting and inferring.

(3E1c: Comprehension and Analysis of Literary Text
Students read and respond to a wide variety of significant works of
children’s literature. At Grade 3, students read a wide variety of fiction,
such as classic and contemporary literature, historical2013 fiction, fantasy,
science fiction, folklore, mythology, poetry, songs, plays, and other


This week, our grammar practice consists of identifying common and proper nouns.

(3E2c: English Language Conventions
Students write using Standard English conventions appropriate to the 3rd grade level.)



Our words this week are words with syllable pattern v/cv, vc/v. ---------------->

(3E2c.8: Spell correctly one-syllable words that have blends (such as walk, play, blend), contractions (such as isn’t, can’t), compounds, common spelling patterns (such as qu-; changing win to winning; changing the ending of the word from –y to –ies to make a plural, such as cherry/cherries), and common
homophones (words that sound the same but have different spelling, such
as hair/hare).

Math (This is my homeroom class)

Generally, we cover a topic lesson in one or two days before lunch. 

Lessons and remedial help are available on-line at www.pearsonsuccessnet.com. Your student can log-on with their four-letter, four-number username, and the password: student14.

Monday:Topic 2 Lesson 4- Rounding

Tuesday:Topic 2 Lesson 5 Estimating sums-continues

Wednesday: Topic 2 Lesson 6-Adding two-digit numbers

Thursday: Topic 2 Lesson 7-Adding three-digit numbers with models

Friday: Topic 2 Lesson 8- Adding three-digit numbers

After lunch, we have math practice and review, except on Tuesdays when we go to Math Lab for problem solving.


(3.M.1a: read, write, and interpret the place value for each digit in whole numbers up to 10,000;
Example: Write 463 for the number stated verbally or written as “four hundred sixty-three.” Explain that the 6 in 463 represents 6 tens or 60.)

Home/School Connection

Please listen to your child read the Home/School Connection one night this week, and discuss the included questions. It goes home on Monday, but is not due until Friday.

This weeks Home/School Connection: Wham-O Toys

Focus: Main Idea


Social Studies: Third grade classes rotate on a weekly basis. This week, Mrs. Raichle's class is in SS.

 This week, we are learning about urban, suburban, and rural communities and how to identify them.

(3SS3: History and Culture
Students draw from historical and community resources to describe how the events and the environment influence the growth and change of communities.)



  • Read for twenty minutes each night.
  • Read and complete the Home/School Connection one night (due Thursday, this week)
  • IXL.com for math practice for at least one hour per week.
  • Math as assigned in planner.


Teacher Contact

  • Phone:  (334) 255-1607

Quote for the Week

Kindness matters.


Class Rules

  1. Respect yourself and others.
  2. Follow directions and procedures.
  3. Turn in neat work on time.
  4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  5. Speak kindly.

All class and school rules can be summed up by: "Do the right thing."


Our Continuous School Improvement Goals:

All students will improve written communication across the curriculum.

All students will improve problem-solving skills across the curriculum.

  • Spelling Words: words with -oy and -ow

  • My Rows and Piles of Coins
  • finish























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