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Welcome to Mrs. KS's 4th Grade Class Website

General Parent Information:

Welcome! I hope you find that this website is a useful tool to help you and your child throughout the school year. For course specific information (assignments, homework, links to some handouts, test dates, etc.), please see the blue links at the bottom of this page. Please check the website regularly.

Please check and sign planners every night. Please remind your student that it is his/her responsibility to write all assignments in his/her planner.

You can view your student's grades online. Click this link to learn more about the GradeSpeed Parent Portal.

Please ensure that all students have an alternate form of transportation on file if they are a walker or biker daily in case of "rainy day/Bad Weather " dismissal.

Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions, suggestions, or KUDOS for our classroom that promote an effective, positive learning environment.

General Student Information:

You can check your own grades for each subject.

  1. Click on this link: https://dodusa.gradespeed.net/pc/studentlogin.aspx
  2. Choose Fort Rucker Elementary School from the drop-down menu!
  3. Enter Username: (New Naming Convention)
    • First letter of first name, capitalized
    • First three letters of last name, only the first capitalized
    • Last four digits of your student id number
    • EXAMPLE: JSmi1234
  4. Enter Password: same as username

Look at what we're learning!

Please note: Flexibility in teaching is essential in education to promote optimal student growth and learning. The pacing of student learning is often difficult to predict. Also, there are often "teachable moments" that can't be passed up, even though they aren't in the plan for the day. Therefore, keep in mind that the homework and/or classroom activities might have to be extended or changed to the next day/week to accomodate student learning. You won't always see these changes reflected on the website, but your child is responsible for copying the correct homework information in his/her planner each day.


Homework is currently sent home through email each week. In the future, you will find more information about classroom activities and homework here!



Additional Information / Links:

Link to 4th Grade STEAM page4th Grade STEAM Page



Teacher Contact Info

  • Email: Ms. K.S.'s Email
  • School Phone:  (334) 255-1607
  • *Email is my preferred method of communication. I encourage parent involvement in advocating for students and welcome discourse throughout the year. Follow the link below that will assist you in analyzing your child's classroom environment in order to provide constructive feedback at any time.
  • Click here to provide functional feedback for our classroom!

I Choose, I Act, I Reflect

The mission of our classroom is to create a successful partnership between students, parents, and teachers that ensures a safe learning environment and creates responsible, productive, and respectful members of the classroom community. I have high expectations for student behavior and will be courteous, fair, and reasonable in dealing with all students.

The “Choose-Act-Reflect” classroom philosophy assists students in reflecting on how they can both negatively and positively impact the learning environment.

  • I will CHOOSE my words and actions carefully.
  • I will ACT in a manner that is respectful of my classmates, teachers, and family.
  • I will REFLECT on how my words and actions affect myself, the learning environment, and those around me.

Click here for more Discipline Policy information.

Behavior Expectations

  • *Be in your seat, prepared, and ready to work when class begins.
  • *Remain seated unless permitted to do otherwise.
  • *Follow directions the first time they are given.
  • *Raise your hand before speaking unless permission is given to do otherwise.
  • *Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • *Show respect to adults and classmates at all times.
  • *Follow ALL school-wide and classroom rules.
  • *Behave for substitute teachers as you would for your regular teacher.

Daily Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

7:30-7:45       Morning Work and WFRES Broadcast

7:45-8:45       Language, Grammar, and Writing Composition

8:45-9:45       Reading

9:45-10:45     Math

10:45-11:45   Specials (PE, Art, or Music)

11:45-12:15   Learning Strategies/ Social Studies

12:15-12:45   Lunch

12:45- 1:20    Social Studies

1:20- 2:20      Science


7:30-7:45       Morning Work and WFRES Broadcast

7:45-8:45       Language, Grammar, and Writing Composition

8:45-9:45       Reading

9:45-10:45     Math

10:45-11:45   Specials (PE, Art, or Music)

11:45-12:15   Learning Strategies/ Social Studies

12:15-12:45   Lunch

12:45-1:15     Learning Strategies/ Science

Special Area / Enrichment Schedule

PE- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Art- Wednesday

Music- Monday

Library- Thursday (11:45-12:15)

Guidance- 1st Thursday of Month (11:45-12:15)

Math Lab- every other Tuesday (11:45-12:15)

Click here for a printable class schedule.

Grades: Understanding Total Points Logic

Student grades are earned using Total Points Logic. Individual assignments are weighted by the number of points possible on the assignment, so that it is easier for students to understand. Tabulating individual assignment grades as percentages or letter grades is not suggested!

Students are simply encouraged to show improvement and EARN the most points possible for each assignment!

Click here for more information about grades in our classroom!

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