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5What's Happening in Ms. SH's 5th Grade Class

spelling beeSpelling

1. elementary
2. vehicle
3. miniature
4. probability
5. definition
6. substitute
7. variety
8. literature
9. elevator
10. Pennsylvania
11. ravioli
12. cafeteria
13. mosaic
14. tuxedo
15. meteorite
16. fascination
17. cylinder
18. intermediate
19. centennial
20. curiosity
21. documentary
22. stegosaurus
23. pediatrician
24. mediocre
25. simultaneous




Shurley English

Pronoun Jingles 

There are seven subject pronouns

that are easy as can be:

I and we

he and she

it, and they, and you.


There are seven possessive pronouns

that are easy as can be:

my and our

his and her

its, and their, and your.



johnny tremain


Johnny Tremain

Section 3   Vocabulary

Chapters VII, VIII, IX



arrogant   (EHruhguhnt)
acting superior, haughty, too convinced of one's own importance


bilious   (bihleeuhs)   feeling ill in the stomach, liver, etc.


calico   (kaluhkoh) a coarse, brightly colored cloth


chaise   (shayz) a light, open carriage with a folding top; drawn by a single horse which is used to carry two people


commandeer   (komuhndihr)  to take possession of or seize for military or public use


discard   (dihskord) getting rid something that is regarded as useless or undesirable  


filch   (fihlch)   to steal something small or minor


genealogy   (jeeneeoluhjee)   study of family history and ancestors


gesticulate   (jestikyuhlate)  making gestures in an excited way, especially when speaking


idle   (iiduhl) not working, in use, or busy


milestone   (miilstohn)  an important event or turning point in a lifetime


oblivious   (uhblihveeuhs)   unaware of; not mindful of


rebel   (rEHbuhl) one who rejects authority or fights against it


refuge   (rEHfyooj)  protection or shelter from danger or trouble


refugee   (rEHfyoojee)  person who has had to flee to another country for safety from disaster or danger


sane   (sayn)  of sound mind; in good mental condition


subside   (suhbsiid)  to become quieter or less active


tunic   (toonihk) a loose-fitting garment, sleeved or sleeveless, extending to the knees and worn by men and women especially in Ancient Greece and Rome


tyrant   (tiiruhnt)  an absolute ruler who governs without restrictions


vengeance   (vEHnjuhns)  action that you take to pay someone back for harm he or she has done to you



Reading Counts

Reading Counts

Classroom Rankings

1st Place........B.A............645 Points

2nd Place........B.B............627 Points

3rd Place........B.S............556 Points

4th Place........B.W...........370 Points

5th Place........I.M............337 Points



Dates to Remember

April 22 - 26    STEAM Week

April 25          Parents Join Us for Lunch

April 29          Biscuit's Game

May 24          Student Holiday

May 27          Memorial Day Holiday

May 31          Last Day of School



Teacher Contact

  • Phone:  (334) 255-1607

A Look Ahead

On April 29th, we will go to a Montgomery Biscuit's game!

Class Rules

  1. Respect yourself and others.
  2. Follow directions and procedures.
  3. Turn in neat work on time.
  4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  5. Listen when someone speaks.

Daily Schedule (Updated 1/04/13)

  • 7:30-7:55         Breakfast/Lockers//MorningWork/News

  • 7:55-8:00         Change Classes

  • 8:00-9:20         Class 1

  • 9:20-10:40       Class 2

  • 10:40-12:00     Class 3

  • 12:00-12:15      Bathroom/Homework/Read Aloud/Lockers

  • 12:15                Leave for Lunch

  • 12:20-12:50      Lunch

  • 12:50-1:15        Lockers/Silent Reading/Homework

  • 1:15-2:15          Specials

  • 2:15 – 2:20       Load up to go home

  • 2:20-2:25          Line up to go home

Wednesday Schedule (Updated 1/04/13)

  • 7:30-7:55          Breakfast/Lockers//MorningWork/News

  • 7:55-8:00         Change Classes

  • 8:00-9:10         Class 1

  • 9:10-10:20       Class 2

  • 10:20-11:30     Class 3

  • 11:30-11:35      Leave for lunch

  • 11:35-12:05      Lunch

  • 12:05-12:10      Bathroom

  • 12:10-1:10        Specials

  • 1:10-1:15          Load up and go home

Specials Schedule

  • Monday..................PE
  • Tuesday.................PE
  • Wednesday...........Music
  • Thursday...............PE and Library
  • Friday.....................Art

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