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5th Grade

Reading Counts Weekly Winners!

1.  H. W.    941 points

2.  D. E.      628 points

3.  S. B.       547 points

4.  K. S.       543 points

5.  C. N.       426 points

6.  D. G.       404 points

Spelling Words

Unit 3 Week 4

Mahalia Jackson

Test Friday Jan 31, 2014

1. address

2. college

3. mirror

4. recess

5. committee

6. collect

7. Mississippi

8. immediate

9. command

10. appreciate

11. announce

12. possess

13. Tennessee

14. gallop

15. opponent

16. barricade

17. broccoli

18. accomplish

19. allowance

20. zucchini

21. silhouette

22. millionaire

23. dilemma

24. embarrassment

25. compassionate



  • Spelling Test on Friday
  • As we make preparations for the upcoming standardized assessment, our routine will change somewhat.
  • Instead of weekly stories, we will concentrate on comprehension of short passages and associated vocabulary.
  • Weekly ELA Charts will be distributed on the first day of the week and collected on the last day of the week.  All required assignments and activities will be listed on the chart.
  • Please encourage your child to try hard on each review assignment.  These will all be graded.




Has been a fabulous week!  Benchmark testing is complete. . . YEAY!!!!   I am very proud of everyone and how hard they have been working over the past few days.  New concepts and challenging work. . . WOW!!!  I am impressed. 


Algebra and fraction discussion have started up in math class this week.  We will be working hard on these concepts and testing around the first of February.  Keep on working hard!!!


Homework Packets will go home on Monday and must be returned on Friday.


Social Studies Week

Wow!!!  Our Cell Projects were amazing.  Some are still on display in the media center and science lab, if you are in the neighborhood please stop by J  We finished up this week brainstorming ideas that kids need in order to introduce the Discovery Channel’s “Young Scientist Challenge.    I have attached the link if your student is interested.  This is not mandatory but if your student is interested please let me know if there is any way I can be of assistance J http://www.youngscientistchallenge.com/?campaign=com_fpl_ysc

Next week we are examining the events after the French and Indian War that led to the American Revolution.

Enjoy your weekend! 





Teacher Contact

  • Phone:  (334) 255-1607



Winter Wonderland

  Family Dance                                                          1-31-14


Rituals and Routines

  1. Be prepared
  2. Be mindful of your time
  3. Be respectful

Daily Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

7:30-7:55  Morning Work and Daily            


7:55-8:00  Class Transition

8:00 - 9:20  Class 1

9:20-9:25  Class Transition

9:25-10:45  Class 2

10:45-11:15  LUNCH

11:15-11:25  Restroom--Class Transition

11:25 - 12:20 Class 3

12:20-1:20 Specials

1:20-2:00  Class 3 Continued

2:00-2:20  Transition back to homeroom

                  Pack up

                  Reading Counts

 2:20  Line up to go home!

Wednesday Schedule

7:30-7:55  Morning Work and Daily            


7:55-8:00  Class Transition

8:00 - 8:50  Class 1

8:50-8:55   Class Transition

8:55-9:9:45    Class 2

9:45-9:50  Class Transition

9:50-10:40  Class 3

      10:45-11:45  Poarch Specials

      10:45-11:15  Kincaid/Hilton LUNCH

      11:15-12:20 TTL/Reading Counts

      12:20-1:20   Kincaid/Hilton Specials

      12:50-1:15   Poarch TTL/Reading


1:15-1:20   Pack up and go home!


Specials Schedule


Tuesday:  Poarch

Wednesday:  Hilton

Thursday  Kincaid


Monday:  Poarch/Kincaid

Tuesday:  Hilton/Kincaid

Wednesday:  Poarch

Thursday:  Hilton/Poarch

Friday:  Hilton/Kincaid


Monday:  Hilton

Wednesday:  Kincaid

Friday:  Poarch

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