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6th Grade Home Page

Updated: For the week of September 29th, 2014

***Remember: students must take and pass 4 Reading Counts tests, no more than 100 points below their lexile, at lexile, or above lexile, before the end of each quarter. ***

Are you taking Reading Counts tests? Last day to test for Reading Counts requirement (4 books) for first quarter is October 8th.


Please check student planners daily for class work and homework updates. Differentiated instruction in curricular areas means that all students do not have the same work in each class each day!


Dress Code Reminder: Many students are having issues with the dress code; specifically jackets/hoodies with designs. Refer to the dress code that was sent home on the first day of school. Also, students are required to wear athletic shoes on days they have P.E. class.


***The Art Room is in need of material scraps, yarn, string, felt, etc.  Any donations will be appreciated!

 Please replenish school supplies as needed!




Safety Patrol members should be in the lobby of the school no later than 7:20 so that they can be at their post when the morning bell rings.  If they are going to be absent or late, please call the school and leave a message.


English Language Arts -

VH Class:

Reading - Genre: Adventure. Reading skill: Theme

Students are in one of 4 novel groups: A Girl Named Disaster, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Where the Red Fern Grows, or The Maze. They have a calendar with assigned chapters to read each night. All novels must be completed by 10/2.

They are creating a LapBook Project for their novel. LapBook Projects are due Monday, October 6. 

3 Grades for this unit: a final written test for each book, a participation grade (reading assigned chapters at night, participating in discussions), and LapBook Project.

LARS - Daily Paragraph Editing, Handwriting and Grammar: Students receive a packet on Mondays that contain 4 paragraphs to edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors, 5 days of handwriting practice, and on alternating weeks either grammar or writing skill pages. . We work on these every day in class, except Wednesdays. The students are responsible for completing the handwriting practice pages for homework. Packets are due on Fridays.

***Remember: students must take and pass 4 Reading Counts tests no more than 100 points below their lexile, at lexile, or above lexile, before the end of each quarter.


SP Reading Class: For the week of September 29th

Monday – No homework.

Tuesday – Writing: Typing final copy of friendly thank you letters. Homework: reread selection for test tomorrow!
Wednesday – Selection test for "Mrs. Fletcher's Gift" (Includes vocabulary, skills, and comprehension questions)
Thursday – Leveled Reader "Viva America" - assignment: vocab. wksht.
Friday– Leveled Reader - assignment: skill wksht.

***Remember: students must take and pass 4 Reading Counts tests no more than 100 points below their lexile, at lexile, or above lexile, before the end of each quarter.

LARS - Daily Paragraph Editing, Handwriting, and Grammar - Students receive a packet with 4 days worth of paragraphs to edit, 5 days of handwriting practice, and grammar lesson sheets. Packets are usually completed in 5 school days and are graded for completion. A grammar quiz is given upon completion.

This week's grammar concept: Compound and Complex Sentences

.*Unfinished class work becomes homework. Students may choose to work

ahead in their editing/HW packets or their grammar packets.



Tuesday Homeroom-
















This week


 Math 1st Period


Math 2nd Period



Math 3rd Period


Math 1st period 

Math 2nd period

Math 3rd period

Math Lab Problem Solving


Math 1st period


Math 2nd period


Math 3rd period



1st period-



2nd peiodr-


3rd period-



1st period


2nd period


3rd period





https://www.khanacademy.org ,is a very helpful website; free sign up, students must have parent/guardian assistance to sign up. 



Science - Protists and Fungi - Chapter 4


Monday – Chp. 3 Test
Tuesday – Chp. 4, Lesson 1  Assignment: Foldable - work on animal-like and plant-like protist sections
Wednesday – Chp. 4, Lesson 1 Assignment: Foldable - work on fungus-like protist section
Thursday – Chp. 4, Lesson 2 Assignment: Foldable - work on fungi section

Friday – Chp. 4, Lesson 2 Assignment: Foldable - work on lichen section

***Foldables will be due on Tuesday, October 7th!



Social Studies -

Geography -  South America Geo Quiz Part 1 - Oct. 1

South America Geo Quiz Part 2 - Oct. 8. 

Students should be studying nightly for geo quizzes. Geo quizzes are always on Wednesdays.

Ancient Civilizations: Ancient Mesopotamia

Monday - Students are working on their Independent Learning Portfolio for Ancient Mesopotamia (ILPs). Table 1: Vocabulary. Table 2: Maps.  Table 3: Timelines

Tuesday - Chapter 2 Lesson 1 The Fertile Crescent; review vocabulary and read,discuss lesson. Lesson 1 review worksheet.

Wednesday - Students are working on their Independent Learning Portfolio for Ancient Mesopotamia. Table 1: Vocabulary. Table 2: Maps.  Table 3: Timelines

Thursday - Chatper 2 Lesson 1 The Fertile Crescent: review vocabulary, main ideas and details. Discovery Education video on Ancient Mesopotamia.

Friday - Independent Learning Portfolio. Table 1: Timelines. Table 2: Vocabulary. Table 3: Maps

Independent Learning Portfolio - There are 7 activities to complete in the ILP - vocabulary, map, timeline, a webquest (will be completed in class),reading comprehension, 2 brainpops, and a current event.

*All assignments are begun in class and become homework if not completed.



Teacher Contact

  • Phone:  (334) 255-1607

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Daily Schedule

Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri:

7:30-7:50 Homeroom/ Morning Work

7:50 - 9:15 Reading

9:20 - 10:15 1st period

10:15-10:20 Lockers/Bathroom Break

10:20 - 11:20 2nd Period

11:25 - 11:55 Lunch

11:55 - 12:00 Bathroom Break

12:00 - 1:00 3rd Period

1:05 - -2:05  Special Areas/Recess

2:05 -2:20 Math Fluency

2:25 Dismissal


7:30-7:50 Homeroom/Morning Work

7:50- 8:40 1st Period

8:45 - 9:35  3rd period

9:35 - 9:40 Lockers/Bathroom Break

9:40 10:25 2nd period

10:30 - 11:15 Specials/Recess

11:25-11:55 Lunch

12:00 - 1:00 Reading/LARS

1:15  Homeroom/Dismissal

FRES Library Schedule: RG- Tue 8:30-9:00, SP Wed 12:00 - 12:30, VH - Wed 12:30-1:00

Classroom Library Policy: students may check 1 book at a time out from teacher's collections.

Class Rules

  1. Respect yourself and others.
  2. Follow directions and procedures.
  3. Turn in neat work on time.
  4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  5. Listen when someone speaks.

Special Area Schedules:

  • Monday: VP - Music, SP - PE,  RG - Art
  • Tuesday: VP - PE, SP - Music, RG - PE
  • Wednesday: VP - PE, SP - PE, RG - PE
  • Thursday: VP - PE, , SP - Art, RG - PE
  • Friday: VP - Art, SP - PE, RG - Music

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